Dr. Georgia Sakellari

I am a Senior Lecturer in Disruptive Technologies at University of Greenwich and deputy head of the ISEC research group.

Previously, I was a Senior Lecturer in Distributed Systems and Networking at Middlesex University and before that I was a Lecturer at the University of East London and a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Imperial College London.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Networks from Imperial College in 2009, after a MSc (MBA) in Techno-Economic Systems and a MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering from N.T.U.Athens.


Research Projects

C4IIoT Project

C4IIoT: Cybersecurity 4.0 - Protecting the Industrial Internet of Things

C4IIoT will build and demonstrate a novel and unified Industrial IoT cyber security framework for malicious and anomalous behaviour anticipation, detection, mitigation and end-user informing. Our role is to equip the framework with the ability to decide dynamically where to process the security-relevant data it collects in a manner that takes into account the performance, energy and security of the system.
H2020, 2019-2022, Principal Investigator, Budget: 6.3M Euro (University of Greenwich: 250K Euro)


EUNOMIA: User-oriented, secure, trustful and decentralised social media

The EUNOMIA project will provide a fully decentralised, intermediary-free and open-source solution for user-oriented trustful social media to help social media users take ownership of the disinformation problem
EU H2020, 2018-2021, Co-Investigator, Budget: 2.94M Euro (University of Greenwich: 512K Euro)

Research Project Participations

EPSRC (GR/S52360/01) on Self-Aware Networks and QoS: Developed the first network admission control mechanism able to take into account multiple criteria set by individual users of the network, resulting in markedly reduced congestion and improved quality of service.

DIF DTC HYPERION on Automated and Adaptive Information Management: Developed a smart networking protocol that was naturally resilient to failures and worms through self adaptation, using Random Neural Networks

BAE/EPSRC ALADDIN on Dynamic Distributed and Decentralised Intelligent Systems: Extended previous work to develop a distributed multi-criteria admission control mechanism for communication networks

TSB/EPSRC SATURN on Resilience of the UK Critical National Infrastructure: Carried out research on self-aware networking for critical national infrastructures.

FP7 FIT4Green on energy-aware data centre technologies: Developed a distributed mechanism for minimising a large network’s energy cost by regulating user admission in an automated manner, and experimentally evaluated the tradeoff between performance and energy cost